“Savannah is a consummate actress, I highly recommend. I hired Savannah for a commercial. She arrived early, was ready to work and gave full effort for the entire 4+ hour shoot. She takes direction easily and brought considerable talents to the shoot. Great communication, easy to work with. Worked seamlessly with other talent. Great on camera, and I would hire her again without hesitation!” - John David, Director


"My favorite part of being on a film set is working with people who are passionate about their craft, prepared, professional and personable. Savannah was all of these. She was devoted to the character and the story. She rocked it on set, and I look forward to the next time I have the privilege to work with this talented actress." -Jake Ulasich, Actor, Utah

“Savannah is a talented actress she adapts to the situations she is in and also takes direction well. Not only that but she has a great look to go along with her talent. If you are in need of an actress she is a great choice.” - Lenni Uitto, Director, Actor, Producer

"Loved working with Savannah, though we only have had the opportunity to work one time together. She is professional -- as in, she takes direction well, understands the patience needed when working with an insane creator such as myself and gives 111% when working. Her looks are just stunning and her heart is filled with passion. I most certainly hope to work with her again!" - Brian D. Byers, Director, Georgia

“Savannah is an immensely beautiful and talented actress. Her most impressive quality, however, is her work ethic. I kept sending her updates on the script up until the day of shooting, and she would immediately start rehearsing her revised lines. She was always punctual and prepared for rehearsals, and was great with taking direction on set. She was also one of those people you want on set for her great attitude. Filmmaking can be stressful, and it is immeasurably valuable to have someone who can help keep the mood up like Savannah. Two thumbs up – would definitely recommend.” - Alex Evans, Director, Actor, Producer, Utah

"I first began working with Savannah for her acting headshots which later evolved into some lifestyle modeling shoots. What I love about working with her, is that she's always prepared, on time, kills it during the shoot, and very professional. Of course she looks great in front of the camera, but more importantly, she's able to bring added depth and interest to her photos which is a photographer's dream." - Scott Hallenberg, Photographer, Utah

"It was a wonderful experience working with Savannah! She had great communication throughout the planning and completion of our shoot. She arrived on time and ready to create some beautiful images. It was a pleasure working with someone with her talent and it made the shoot a breeze. Looking forward to working with her again!" - Rob Davila, Revolve Photography, California

“Savannah is always a professional while still maintaining a lighthearted spirit, which is so valuable in this industry. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.” -Daniel Archer, Photographer/Cinematographer, Archer Photo & Video, Utah